Acadian history on Turtle Island Canada

French settlers 1630’s

French settlers known as Acadians settled on Canada in the 1630’s. The region that Acadians occupied was known as Acadia. Acadians have be known to mostly occupy Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and P.E.I.

The war of 1750’s

in 1755 most Acadians, who did not submit to English crown were kicked out of from their homes. This was known as the great upheaval. After the war in Canada, many French settlers found their way to Louisiana. Many Acadians still occupy the east coast of Canada today.

Acadian recipes

The acadians are known for their meat, potato and seafood recipes that originated in the east coast of Canada. Acadian recipes include their Meat Pie, Shepherd’s Pie, Râpure, Potato Pancakes and Fish Cakes.

Acadian Meat Pies

Acadian meat pie recipes may vary but mainly consist of lots of meat (chicken or lamb) and pie crust. More to come soon…

acadian meat pie